How To Use Ezine Articles To Improve Website Traffic

In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to use Ezine Articles to improve your website traffic.

What is an Ezine Article?

Ezine Articles is an article submission platform that allows you to share your knowledge and expertise and receive traffic back to your website in return.

Ezine Articles website current online facts:

  • Domain Authority: 87
  • Page Authority: 73
  • Moz Rank: 7
  • Average Daily Visitors: 83,000

Article submission frequency on Ezine Articles platform: Once a month (recommended)

With free Ezine Articles account, you can submit five initial articles. If your articles meet their quality standards, your account will get Basic Plus status that will grant you ten additional article submissions.

You can also become a top expert author on when you submit the highest quality articles. This way you will qualify for their Diamond status and you will be eligible to submit as many articles as required.

Pre-requisites before using Ezine Articles:

  • Optimize your website on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • Your website must already have more engaging content.
  • Make a log of your Ezine Articles account details for future use.
  • Create fresh articles to be published on Ezine Articles platform.

Tutorial Steps Breakdown:

Here is a breakdown of all the steps that you will be covering in this step-by-step tutorial:

  • Create your Ezine Articles account.
  • Update your Ezine Articles account settings.
  • Read editorial guidelines for article submission.
  • Write your article.
  • Submit your article for approval.

STEP 1. Create your Ezine Articles account

  • On the Ezine Articles homepage, click join in the top-right corner for sign-up.

Ezine Articles Tutorial

  • A new sign-up page will open.
  • Enter your email address, set your ezine articles password, and enter other credentials like your first and last name, address, contact number, website URL, etc.,
  • Once updated then click Create My Account button.
  • As soon your account is created, you will receive a welcome email from Ezine Articles with links to some of their resources for getting started.

STEP 2. Update your Ezine Articles account settings (Author Profile)

  • Click the Sign-in button and enter your registered email address and password on the Sign-in page that appears.

Ezine Articles Tutorial

  • Click on the Profile tab either at the top or bottom of your account dashboard.

Ezine Articles Tutorial

  • Update your author’s name and add your biography (up to 500 words max.).
  • Fill in your business name and URL and your blog URL.
  • Update your social media channels URLs like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.
  • Add keywords related to your brand and niche.
  • Set Auto Tweet to every 14 days.
  • Add your professional photos.
  • Add your achievements and awards if any (optional).

STEP 3. Read editorial guidelines before the article submission.

  • Before writing your article for submission, read editorial guidelines. This will not only help you better understand the instructions but also improve the chances of your article submission approval.

STEP 4. Write your article.

  • Click on Write & Edit tab to open the WYSIWYG editor.

Ezine Articles Tutorial

  • This is the place where you will write and submit the article. Since you have already drafted your fresh content, you just copy and paste the content as per the defined sections.
  • Click Title section. The WYSIWYG editor will open. Enter your article’s title here. It should not exceed 100 characters. Try to include long-tail keyword phrases to get the optimal results.
  • You can use the Title Suggestion option to search for a good title for your article. Just enter your long-tail keyword to get title inspirations. You can also click on the blue question mark at the bottom-left side of the WYSIWYG editor to get more tips on writing article titles by visiting Ezine Articles blog.

Ezine Articles Tutorial

  • Once you enter the title, click the Save button to move to the next section.
  • Under the Category section, choose your wide target base category and your article’s relevant subcategory. Click the Save button.
  • Write a short introduction of your article in the Summary section then click the Save button.
  • Under the Body section, write or paste your article. Add a single line break between each paragraph of your article. Do not add any promotional links in the Body section. Just provide quality information. The average length of your article’s Body section should be above 500 words. Click on the Save button and move to the next section.

STEP 5. Submit your article for approval.

  • In the Keywords section, add 4 – 5 keywords (maximum 25) separated by a comma. Maximum 100 characters are allowed in the Keywords section. After that click the Save button.
  • Under the Resource Box section, place your promotional content and your website link. This should not be more than 15% of your main article’s body. If your main article is about 500 words long, then your Resource Box section should not exceed 75 words.
  • Once all sections are filled up, preview your article and then click on Submit this article button.
  • Once submitted, the Ezine Articles editors’ team will manually review your article and may approve or reject the content. In both cases, you will receive an email from them.

Watch your article’s traffic growth

  • Once your article is approved and published on Ezine Articles directory, you can always check its traffic growth by clicking on the Performance tab under your profile dashboard.
  • You can view the total-views count, your provided URL clicks count, and the total percent of the clicks rate.
  • Click on the Activity link from the left navigation menu to open the Activity Performance page, showing you how engaging your article has been with publishers and readers.
  • This Activity page will show you how often the Ezine Publishers page has been viewed for your article, how many times your article has been shared through social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest), how many times people have commented on your article, and how many times it has been shared through email.

Additional Information

  • Always create original content for publishing. It helps you as an expert in your niche. Besides this, original and informative content always creates a positive experience.
  • Always check your article’s spelling and grammar, and sentence structure before submitting it.
  • Make all your article headings and sub-headings bold for better readability.
  • Provide useful information in the article body and your promoting link in the Resource box at the bottom of the article.
  • Publish your next fresh article only after your last article gets approved and published.

How To Use Ezine Articles

If you have any questions about ezine articles submission or any other query regarding ezine articles, please drop your questions below in the comments section, and we will be happy to help you out.

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